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3ds max - Tutorial for total beginners - 03 (link, snap etc)

Third 3ds max total beginner tutorial. In this one I go over linking, snapping, selection sets, and other tools.
If you didn't remember all the tools discussed, don't worry. You'll learn them with time, doing different projects.

3ds max - Tutorial for total beginners - 02 (select, move, rotate, scale)

Second part of my 3ds Max total beginner tutorials.

četvrtak, 16. prosinca 2010.


If you are just a beginner in this 3d graphics world, you are probably having problems with choosing your main 3d application. And it's reasonable considering prices of this kind of software, and maybe even more importantly, time you will need to spend learning how a certain application works. I'm not going to talk about pros and cons of different software, reather I'm goig to tell you why I chose 3ds Max.

Its been 3 years since I started working in 3ds max, and I'm still learning. Now, why I chose 3ds max? The reason is it's outspread in this industry. It's a total number one in the game industry, it's realy widely used for 3d animation, in movies 

for VFX, for architectural visualisations, and all other stuf I cant currently think of. What that means is you're able to find a job much easier once you know how it works. Also, if you just type "3ds Max" in any search engine, you get thousands of results. Comunity support and tutorials are always just a few clicks away. And now, with this site I'm trying to even improve that ;DExcept for allready said facts, you should know there are lots of other 3d software that are focusing on a certain area... By that I mean tools for terrain generation, smoke, fire, water. Examples are Poser (character modeling and animaion), Vue (digital terrain creation), Zbrush (digital sculpting. I'll be making tutorials for Zbrush). This kind of tools quite often offer plugins for third-party software. But they will make such plugins only for the best :D That being said, 3ds Max is one of the best, and you'll often find plugins in such tools for 3ds Max. That is, if this tool is even providing plugins for third-party software. For example, you have full Vue interface integration plugin for 3ds Max, direct connection between Max and Zbrush with GoZ, full Vray renderer integration. I'm not saying that this aren't available in Maya, but Max is one of the biggest players, so if Maya has something like that, it would be a total mistake on developer's side not to make the same thing available in Max. And I'm not telling you that you should'n use Maya, I haven't ever used Maya so cannot say anything. But as I heard and read from many professionals in the industry, it's not possible to say which is better. 

Everything you can do in one application, it is possible to make the same thing in another. The only difference is how long a certain thing will be made in one or other application. You should just choose one and see how it suits you. Download trial versions, play with software for this 30 days of trial, and then decide. I chose 3ds Max right away. I think I read somewhere that 3ds Max is much better choice for total beginners, and since I was that, it was what I chose. As far as Zbrush is conserned, I chose Zbrush simply because you can bild your models inside this tool (and you can't do that in Mudbox), and retopologize them. I tried both Zbrush and Mudbox, and at first Mudbox seemed easier to handle. Mostly because of wierd Zbrush viewport navigation. Why at the end I chose Zbrush, I don't know. I was looking for pros and cons of both, and I think the reasons were those two things, model creation from scratch, and retopoing. Although, newer version of Mudbox might have these features now as well. 
I don't know if I helped at all with this article now that I think about it... It really is up to you. If it was so clear on what software to use, everyone would use just that one. There's no right answer. Actually, there is just one. If you don't have any money, use Blender. That is, if youre not planning on making money with illegal software.. I used it for some while, it's completely free, powerfull and awesome. On the other hand, if you have money, use 3ds Max so you can watch my tutorials :D

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3ds max - Tutorial for total beginners - 01

So, here's my first tutorial. It's total basics. I think beginners have problems finding really good beginner tutorials, so I'm trying to help in that field. Hope you'll find this tutorial usefull.

petak, 10. prosinca 2010.


Hello everyone!

I'm starting this blog to share some of my cg knowledge. I'll try to familiarise you with different applications I'm using. I'll introduce you to 3ds max, Zbrush, and other softtware I'm using. That's my primary goal here. I saw a lot of tutorials myself, so I know video tutorials are the best way to show how this applications work.

Except for tutorials, I'll also post some cg industry

news, my project's WIPs, and a lot more. In my tutorials, I'll try to make it as interesting as I can. For any questions you might have, you can contact me in any way you can :D

Thank you for visiting. I hope you'll get what you came here for ;)